Out Of State Titling Made Easy

DealerDoc makes your life easy by placing all the tools you need for out of state titling and registration at your fingertips. From two simple-to-navigate screens, you can pull up everything you need in one place. DealerDoc is your one-stop out of state titling resource. Contact us today and we'll hop online to walk you through the time-saving DealerDoc experience.


Out Of State Titling

Our system will give you all the tools you need to have DealerDoc title and register your customer’s vehicle from across state lines. Our automated system will give you everything you need to complete an out of state vehicle transaction from fee lookups to generating state specific documents needed to complete DMV registration.

  • text notificationsText Notifications
  • pre-populated state required documentsPre-populated State-required Documents
  • guaranteed feesGuaranteed Fees
  • 24 hour turnaround24-Hour Turnaround

At DealerDoc we understand that quick and accurate fee lookup is most important when trying to sell a vehicle to an out of state customer. DealerDoc’s “LOOKUP FEES” provides the fastest and most accurate fee calculation by zip code. The system reads the zip code and only asks for information that pertains to the specific jurisdiction to give your customer’s accurate taxes and fees.

Whether your deal is a purchase, lease, personal, business, or military, DealerDoc will provide you state required documentation for your chosen deal structure through “Print Packet”. Also, within “Print Packet,” DealerDoc will give a specific checklist divided into two sections of “Purchaser Requirements” and “Dealership Documentation” so that you can inform your customer of any stipulations they need to bring before delivery.

Desking Deals

Eliminate mistakes by seeing a complete deal on one screen. Calculate state taxes and fees, F&I Payments, Rollback, and Summary to increase profitability. Keep a portfolio of lien holders, Service vendors, GAP Providers in our system to avoid entry mistakes.

one-screen deal

With DealerDoc, there is no need to switch or change any existing documents that your dealership staff is accustomed to. Our system can import and populate information for how you like to do business.

Even better, DealerDoc is not limited to printing from a laser or inkjet printer. With our web-based system you can even print multi-copy contracts and documents on OKI Data Dot Matrix printers.

Use our system to search or track any aspect of your deal whether it’s customer info, vehicle info, date range, or lien holder information. The deal grid will keep your customer information organized for years, allowing you to pull up analytics for a variety of date ranges.

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Vroom, Red McCombs Drive Sales Using DealerDoc Out-of-State Titling Software

Written by Jim Leman on 01/09/2017

PLANO, TX, January 9, 2017 – DealerDoc, the solution for out-of-state titling made easy, said today its one-stop online process helps new and used car dealers capture more business from millennial-aged buyers wanting to buy from out-of-state dealers.

Today, millennial’s make up 28% of the new-car market nationwide, which was almost as many vehicles the baby boomer generation purchased in 2015, noted ... Read Article


DealerDoc Offers Out-of-State Titling and Registration Solution

January 09, 2017

PLANO, Texas — With dealers currently generating between 5% and 20% of their sales volume from out-of-state purchasers, DealerDoc, a provider of automated software and titling services, offers a complete solution for out-of-state titling.

The one-stop online process allows new- and used-vehicle dealers to capture more business from millennial-aged buyers, military car buyers and shoppers who prefer... Read Article

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